No Gym No Problem (English Edition)

No Gym No Problem highlights great exercises at home, the park or anywhere you can squeeze in a session. No matter your current fitness level we have you covered with beginner to advanced exercises and custom routines to jump start your journey or continue your journey with great body weight exercises.We underestimate the power of strictly using our body weight to train, lifting heavy objects are just one way to achieve muscle and a healthy fitness level. Using body weight will not only build muscle but it will teach your body about mobility and flexibility. Most of the time these two important factors are disregarded and if you focus on these with your training you will get stronger. Strength, mobility and flexibility are all pieces to the puzzle and foundation to progress. I explain and borrow moves and techniques from various workout philosophies (i.e Calisthenics, CrossFit, Yoga, Bodybuilding) to help you understand and give you more than a one dimensional workout guide. - 20+ exercises- Easy to follow instructions- Detailed pictures from start to finish- Pre-made routines from beginner to advanced

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Book Title: No Gym No Problem (English Edition)

Book Author: Brandon Tinsley

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