Impact Zone® Companion Guide Expanded

The Impact Zone® Companion Guide Expanded Version is a stand-alone new book meant to provide additional information and writings to the original The Impact Zone" which was published in 2007 as well as act as a companion guide to the Impact Zone Golf Video Training System now with 11 volumes. Pages are created in beautiful full color and all new pictures. Readers will enjoy the simplicity and the clarity of the instruction as Bobby Clampett further dives into his Impact-Based® Teaching Principles. When learning the principles of Impact-Based® Teaching Principles, you will learn how golf is no longer a mystery nor an enigma. As Bobby explains, "every shot goes right where you hit it, every time!" The impact you create causes the ball to go where it does. Understanding all the aspects of impact leads one to be able to self-evaluate each shot and thus be able to better correct mistakes. The result is a better game with less frustration and more enjoyment. To better impact!

Book Details

Book Title: Impact Zone® Companion Guide Expanded

Book Author: BobClampett

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